Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that are commonly asked when clients enquire about Spray Foam.

Q. Is it safe?

A. Yes! Spray Foam is an inert plastic once it has cured. This means it has no food value, will not break down over time, contribute to mold, or cause health issues. Before curing (during the installation process, the fumes can cause health concerns, which Kool Foam addresses by wearing Supplied Air Masks, gloves, and protective suits. Due to this, we ask that anyone not pertinent to the application process observe from a distance until we are finished spraying.


Q. What do I need to do to prepare my house for SPF?

A. For starters, any areas to have SPF applied should be closed in to less than 1/2”. In other words, if there are large gaps in the wall sheathing, due to the nature of expanding foam, it will go through to the outside, and potentially make a mess. The areas above the walls are best to have blocked off. This can be done with cardboard, OSB, or any scrap. Kool Foam is able to close these areas off with foam, (if the eaves are closed off with soffit) but we can get a better seal if this is done with a solid substrate before we arrive.

Also, porches are best if there is a barrier framed up. If this is not done, we can staple up netting and spray to it.

Q. How clean do you need my project?


A. We would appreciate a relatively clean space to work in. Keep in mind that SPF is made to bond well to the surface that it is applied to. This means anything that is left in the structure, if not draped, will have overspray on it. We also like to leave our jobs cleaner than when we started, and a clean workspace facilitates this. We will gladly help prep the area within reason.


Q. How do I know if it’s a good job?

A. Great question! For starters, foam is an expanding product, and it is safe to say that it will not be perfectly smooth! However, when Kool Foam specifies an average, for example, 6” of open cell, this should be a minimum of 5”.

Things to watch for:


1. Foam should be uniform color. If there are light and dark areas, it means that the foam was not sprayed at a 1:1 ratio. Off ratio foam will result in an unstable product, which can shrink, smell, or fail over time.

2. Gaps. Foam is a great product, but a gap is a gap! If there are gaps beside the studs, or you can still see decking after the foam is applied, it needs to be fixed.

3. Thickness. Feel free on a Kool Foam project to check our thickness. We strive for perfection!

4. Building Science. Kool Foam’s Foam Technicians have been trained and certified in the art of spraying foam. We pride ourselves in knowing why and how each structure should be insulated. Feel free to ask questions if you do not understand part of the process!

5.References. Feel free to ask for a list of references on past projects.