Does Spray Foam Insulation Make Sense For Commercial Building Projects?

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All buildings can benefit from spray foam insulation, not just those built for residential areas. Contractors building commercial structures are not only responsible for the overall aesthetics, they must also consider long term maintenance costs and efficiency . The traditional form of insulation normally takes the form of fiberglass bundles. With advancements in technology, there has been an increase in the use of spray foam instead. Here is a closer look at reasons to use spray foam in a commercial building project and which type is best.

Commercial structures make up almost 20% of the country’s energy use and greenhouse emissions. It is essential to improve the performance of new structures to bring these numbers down. One way to accomplish this goal is to use low density spray foam for insulating purposes. Even though the initial price is often higher than other options, the investment will be justified and quickly returned.

Open cell spray foam, often referred to as low density foam, is most often used in residential buildings. It is effective at keeping air sealed, moisture levels low, and has the ability to enhance the way other building materials perform.  Therefore, it will make a good choice for commercial construction.

Using spray foam insulation in commercial construction offers different advantages than when it is used by residential customers.  For example, large hotel chains are interested in its ability to efficiently soundproof the structure. Movie theaters and office complexes like the way spray foam increases the acoustics in a building. In many new commercial construction projects, spray foam is an inexpensive alternative to other soundproofing methods of a large area. It is easier and faster to install, so labor costs will be less as well. The performance cannot be beat either.  The R value of spray foam doubles the energy savings and performance of fiberglass.

There are four main reasons that a contractor should choose spray foam insulation for a commercial building project. First, it creates an effective air barrier from the elements to provide maximum building performance. Second, the price is less expensive than other alternatives for both soundproofing and ways to create high level acoustic performance. Spray foam also enhances the durability of a structure. Finally, spray foam makes commercial buildings more environmentally friendly.  Energy use will be lowered and dangerous gasses will not be passed onto the atmosphere.

Both residential and commercial building projects can benefit from spray foam insulation.  It maintains temperature better, cuts energy bills, has excellent soundproofing qualities, improves overall building structure, and is better for the environment.  It is always smart to use the best materials while constructing a new building.  Spray foam will definitely help to avoid moisture issues and expensive repairs down the road while keeping inhabitants safe.