Is Spray Foam Insulation a Recommended DIY Project?

Spray Foam Insulation OKFor small application spray foam is a highly recommended DIY project.  Spray foam can be used to fill gaps, cracks, and even seal areas around windows or doors.  Take a look at where different materials meet, and you might find some areas that could use some spray foam.  Even in these small applications, it is highly recommended that you follow all directions on the spray foam can, and use appropriate safety gear such as goggles, masks, gloves etc.

We specialize in large scale spray foam applications, and in these instances, it is NOT recommended that you do it yourself.  There are kits available for DIY spray foam, but they are also for smaller applications.

We do not recommended them for the following reasons:

  • We have professional and complex equipment designed specifically for the proper application of spray foam insulation.  This equipment is not for rent because it requires special training and skill to safely operate.
  • We have are certified with local and national safety regulations to ensure safe and proper installation.  Spray foam can produce harmful fumes during install, and can be flammable, the risks are not worth saving a few dollars by attempting to do it yourself.
  • There are many complexities to take into consideration, such as; humidity, foam expansion, curing of the foam, preparation of walls and materials before application.
  • There are special environmental considerations for disposal of waste.

If you have additional questions regarding spray foam insulation, please contact us online or give us a call.