Does Spray Foam Insulation Repel Insects?

With Halloween right around the corner its a perfect time to address a common question about spray foam insulation.  That question is if spray foam insulation keeps the creepy crawlers  away.   The answer to this question is both yes and no.

Why Yes?
Most insects prefer organic materials to make there home, like wood – especially damaging insects like termites and ants.   Spray foam is essentially a plastic, and bugs don’t like it.  It is not a food source, nor does it offer substantive shelter.  It does not in any way attract insects, mold, or bacteria.   Additionally spray foam insulation, if applied correctly provides a better seal that traditional insulation that helps prevent open areas for insects to get in.   The suppliers and manufacturers of spray foam have done extensive studies regarding insects and infestations.  DuPont buried foam for 10 years in a hot humid climate and found that the foam had maintained its physical properties and had only slight termite damage.

Why No?
Just because you have spray foam does not mean you’ll never see a spider web or bug crawling around.   We always recommend traps or repellents to be used no matter what type of insulation you have.  Even though we don’t see it hardly at all, technically insects can burrow into spray foam.  If spray foam is applied in an home with an already existing infestation, more than likely you will still going to have to call the exterminator.

Bottom line is that yes, spray foam can reduce and even prevent insects, rodents, mold and bacteria infestations, but if bugs and rodents are a big problem in your area we still recommend the use of high quality repellents.

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